A little glimpse of Christmas 2017

A little glimpse  of Christmas 2017

Did you know The prop House is just one part of a sister trio?

Christmas Decorations Brisbane sells it.
VM+ designs it.
The Prop House team installs it.!
Here is a little glimpse of some of our favourite Christmas installs for 2017

1 William Street 

With tones of copper, champagne and silver, 1 William Street sparkled this Christmas. Nutcracker soldiers heralded the magic of Christmas with their trumpets, greeting passers by, while the 7.5m tree in the foyer ensured a spectacular display of Christmas joy. Silver ribbon twisted around spiralling baubles on the main tree, while twinkling lights complimented the sophisticated trimming. 


Valley Malls

One of our most unique Christmas installations for 2017 was the Valley Malls, including China Town and Brunswick Street Mall. Multiple components were constructed by a large team who worked collaboratively to ensure this job embraced everything that we love about Christmas. It was a visual feast of colour, movement and light. VM+ created a destination to be enjoyed by everyone and celebrated the Valley's reputation of dancing the night away.

Inspiration was drawn from the nightlife in London's Covent Garden and included features such as two giant dazzling rotating mirror balls, twinkling icicle lights, wreaths and garlands. Matched to existing oriental elements in China Town, wreaths and garlands were trimmed in a red and gold colour palette to maintain tradition with a twist of modern finishes. Banners hung from structures to highlight the Christmas season and take the precinct into Chinese New Year. 


Toombul Shopping Centre 

The VM+ Christmas elves have been busy this year transforming Toombul Shopping Centre with a decorative style that oozes opulence. By limiting colour and focusing on texture, the foliage came alive with a sense of luxury. The gold accents of glitter and sequins became illuminated as the warm twinkling lights reflected off their surfaces. If there was a flower which epitomised Christmas, it would have to be the poinsettia.

Classically red, the team at VM+ provided tradition through the use of black and white striped and gold beaded poinsettias. The contemporary tones helped freshen the overall trimming while establishing the Christmas decorations as a statement series throughout the centre.

Beenleigh Marketplace

It was all in the detail at Beenleigh Marketplace this joyous season, with foliage trimmed in the traditional tones of red, green and gold. VM+ bought in a twist of modernity by using textured diamond baubles between others of shiny, matte and glitter finishes. Cheeky nutcrackers welcomed visitors to the Santa setting as Rudolph stood nearby.

Christmas Decorations Brisbane would like to thank all of our loyal clients for shopping with us .Get in early this year and contact us today for anything Christmas.



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