International Christmas 2023

International Christmas 2023

Christmas is a special time for designers and visual merchandisers as the magic of Christmas takes over the central department store hubs. With the power of blogs and social media, we’re lucky enough to take a quick digital flight over to London, New York and Paris to grab inspiration from some of the leading designers in these famous metropolis locations.

Grab your bags! We’re off to see an explosion of colour, in a whirlwind of Christmas and imaginative visual merchandising and design.

Selfridges, London

Theme: Showtime! Theatrical extravaganza featuring festive characters.

Selfridges has once again transformed its iconic windows into a mesmerizing dramatic wonderland for 2023. This year's Christmas windows showcase a symphony of enchanting scenes, blending traditional festive elements with a modern twist. From Christmas tree divas to dazzling angels, each window tells a story that captures the magic and joy of the holiday season. Selfridges continues to set the bar high for immersive and imaginative Christmas displays, creating an experience that truly transports onlookers into a world of festive fantasy.


Harvey Nichols, London

Theme: Fairground. Holographic colours, animated lighting and refractive surfaces.

Harvey Nichols once again adorns London's streets with its annual Christmas windows, enchanting passersby with a spectacle of style and festivity. These windows are a testament to innovation and joy, featuring a captivating blend of high fashion and seasonal cheer. Neon lights will cast a glow on passersby with electric blue and purple lights, mirror balls and carousel horses transporting viewers into a world where glamour meets the magic of the holidays.


Cartier, London

Theme: Into the Clouds. Inspired by traditional Christmas travel with an edge of whimsy.

Cartier's annual Christmas facade in London is a true testament to timeless elegance and sophistication. Each year, they weave a tapestry of opulence and enchantment, showcasing the brand's exquisite craftsmanship amidst a backdrop of festive cheer. From twinkling displays of iconic jewels to scenes that evoke the spirit of the holidays, Cartier's façade and windows captivate onlookers with a blend of luxury and seasonal magic, ready to float away for the holidays.

St Pancras Station and Hatchards, London

Theme: Library Christmas Tree. Whimsical winding staircase with booths that transport with an audio literary experience.

The St. Pancras Station's annual Christmas tree in London has once again redefined festive enchantment with a breathtaking display that merges tradition with innovation. This year, a stunning library-themed tree emerges, adorned with literary wonders and crowned by a whimsical winding staircase. Nestled beneath its branches, cozy seating booths offer more than just comfort—they transport visitors on an immersive audio literary journey, infusing the spirit of the season with the magic of storytelling. It's an extraordinary fusion of holiday cheer and the captivating world of books, inviting all to embrace the joy of the season through a unique and enchanting experience.


Fortnum and Mason, London

Theme: Advent Calendar. Christmas comes alive with a traditional aesthetic, creating an enchanting display.

Fortnum and Mason's Christmas windows in London have unveiled an awe-inspiring spectacle this year, drawing on the nostalgia of an Advent Calendar. Each window unveils a new chapter in the countdown to Christmas. It's a captivating tribute to the timeless allure of the holiday countdown, offering a magical journey through the spirit of anticipation and delight. Stepping into the world of Fortnum's is like walking through the doors of a cherished holiday tradition, which you experience firsthand with bobbing Christmas puddings.

Louis Vuitton, London

Theme: Legacy. Playful expression of craftsmanship and style, history and luxury.

Louis Vuitton's Christmas window displays in London pays homage to its enduring legacy with a captivating theme that celebrates craftsmanship, style, and the brand's rich history of luxury. Each window is a playful expression of the meticulous craftsmanship and iconic designs that have defined Louis Vuitton over the years with a twist. From whimsical scenes that showcase the brand's heritage to modern interpretations utilising Lego, the windows beautifully weave together the essence of sophistication and play as a bright visual journey


Meet you at Gare du Nord. We’re heading to Paris!

Galeries Lafeyette, Paris

Theme: Childhood Memories Christmas Tree. Light and colour to create a statement of wonderment.

Galeries Lafayette has once again unveiled a Christmas wonderland in the heart of Paris, where the centrepiece is a breathtaking Childhood Memories Christmas Tree. This year's theme brilliantly infuses the festive spirit with the innocence and joy of childhood, bringing to life a vibrant spectacle of lights and colours that ignite a sense of wonder in all who behold it. Surrounding this magnificent tree, the store's windows serve as enchanting canvases, narrating tales of holiday magic through mesmerizing displays that echo the theme's nostalgic charm. Galeries Lafayette's annual celebration encapsulates the essence of Christmas, inviting visitors on a magical journey back to the joyous memories of youth.

Now let’s jump on a flight and see you in New York City! ….

Bergdorf Goodman, New York

Theme: Isn’t it Brilliant. Light and mirrors, bright neon and mosaiced animals glowing like ice.

Bergdorf Goodman's Christmas windows in New York have once again redefined holiday splendour with their 'Isn’t it Brilliant' theme. The windows are a dazzling fusion of artistry and innovation, featuring a mesmerizing display of light, mirrors, and vibrant neon. Within this kaleidoscope of brilliance, mosaiced animals glow like ice sculptures, each one a radiant symbol of the season's magic. These windows encapsulate the spirit of celebration and wonder, offering passersby a visual symphony that ignites the imagination and spreads joy throughout the bustling streets of New York City.


 Dior / Saks Fifth Avenue, New York

Theme: Zodiac. A magical carousel of dreams, dreamlike and delicate.

Dior's collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue for this year's Christmas installation has birthed an enchanting Zodiac-themed display that transports onlookers into a realm of celestial beauty. The windows unfold a magical carousel of dreams, delicately intertwining each zodiac sign into a mesmerizing tapestry of artistry and elegance. Amidst dreamlike scenes and delicate designs, the installation embodies the essence of the stars, offering a celestial journey that merges the magic of the holiday season with the timeless allure of the zodiac. It's a celestial spectacle that captures the imagination and enchants all who experience its ethereal beauty.

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