Top 5 favourite Christmas lights.

Top 5 favourite Christmas lights.

#1 Twinkle twinkle little star

The soft twinkle of Christmas lights will set the tone for your tree.Our new LED twinkling lights, available in a warm and white light, has a control switch that takes you from disco to zen in seconds.
Internal and external use of 160 bulbs.You can create your very own light Christmas light show.

#2 Nordic white Christmas in mind?

Then you need our white LED lights with a white cord.Perfectly suited for our Nordic Churchill, white wreaths and 2.3 slimline white Christmas trees.
External and Internal, set of 50 or 80 bulbs.

#3 Curtain call

A warm glow from 240 LED bulbs.Perfect for a window or wall display.
Leave these beautiful bulbs hanging to carry you through to the New year celebrations.
240 LED bulbs on a 90cm length with 9 x 2-metre drops.
Silver cord with two sized bulbs.Internal lighting.

# 4 Festivities with festoons

No outdoor entertaining should be without our festoon lighting.
26 LED lights to drape along the ceiling or backyard from pole to pole.
Set above the table, toast the festive season and leave hanging for warm summer night celebrations.
Indoor and outdoor use.Colour or clear bulb replacements.
Available in blue, green, red and yellow.

#5 Get fancy

This on-trend battery operated copper wire lights give you the opportunity to light anything!
Perfect for the table, centrepieces and our small gable trees.
AA batteries, 20 lamps and  available in 4 colours.

Shine bright this Christmas with the help of Christmas                  Decorations  Brisbane and The Prop House.


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